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Residential Landscaping Services


If a picture is worth a thousand words, we want to make absolutely certain that the story told when one gazes upon your landscape speaks directly to your personality and lifestyle.  For example, do you prefer free form design, or straight clean lines?  Eating in or grilling out? Relaxing on your private deck or pruning your perennials? Perhaps a pool, waterscape, or hot tub is more your speed.  A children’s play land, pet run, or storage/hobby facility?  And have you considered barrier free access – now or in the future?   

Certainly, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration. Fortunately, with 60+ years of experience, our team at Katerberg VerHage knows just what questions to ask – and better yet, how to listen.

We’ve worked with thousands of homeowners to create dynamic, original designs that not only enhance a home’s beauty – they enhance its value as well.  Our staff consists of landscape architects, landscape designers, degreed horticulturalists, Certified Green Industry Professionals, Certified Pesticide Applicators, and experienced trained technicians to implement the designs with detail and precision. 

Landscapes for Life