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Green Leaf Distributing

Katerberg VerHage owns and operates Greenleaf Distributing, a retail landscape supply company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  (
Greenleaf provides ‘do-it-yourselfers’ and Katerberg VerHage clients with high quality hard good products at competitive prices. Products include:

  • Soils – screened topsoil, mixed soil, garden mix, screened peat and custom mixes to required Ph levels
  • Shredded hardwood bark,  fine processed bark, wood chips, pine straw mulch, processed pine bark, Cedar bark, color enhanced mulch
  • 18 varieties of aggregate stone
  • Boulders, outcropping, and large wall stones
  • Flagstone
  • Drywall Stone
  • Metal Edging

Delivery is available for orders of 1-100 yards.  

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